Women Are Finally Speaking Up, But Is Anyone Listening?

It wasn’t all that long ago that we as women were collectively brainwashed into knowing “our place” in the social construct of life: ensuring the house was clean, that the kids (which we were expected, if not obliged, to have) were taken care of, and that there was a delicious meal awaiting hubby when he came home from an extremely hard day at work. And let’s not forget the duty of looking good and offering romance and seduction at the drop of our husband’s fedora hat. In fact, in some households this picture is still a reality in 2019. Many women enjoy this traditional, if antiquated, marital contract: You do your thing out in the world and I’ll do mine here at home. And together, we’ll do it all.

But what about the women who want to do it all, but by themselves? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? And is it even humanly possible? While more and more women are having their voices heard on this topic and are feeling the confidence to come out and claim their independence, their corporate identities, their entrepreneurial spirits, or their ambitions to do anything and everything, is anyone really listening?

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Why Statistics from Israel Won’t Justify Trump’s Wall

“Take a look at Israel. They’re building another wall. Their wall is 99.9 percent effective,” President Trump said on Friday as he declared a national emergency over his Mexico wall which he believes will cure the United States’ border security and immigration woes. It’s not the first time that he has cited this statistic. Israel’s many steel fences and concrete barriers offer everything Mr. Trump needs to rally support from his base for his own structure: seemingly sound advice from a trusted ally, dramatic statistics, and a fear of terrorism. It’s the idea that Israel and the United States are brothers-in-arms, united by similar security threats and equal aspirations to keep the bad guys out. Aspirations, however, are rarely representative of what’s actually needed on the ground.

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Jennifer Atkinson
10 Rules for a Less Stressed Life

I have a lot of first-hand experience with stress. I am, by nature, a pretty laid-back person, but if something important needs to be done or if something needs my immediate attention, then I can become a tightly wrapped ball of elastic bands, just waiting to snap, unravel or shoot in different directions. I’m also ruled by emotion, so matters of the heart affect me deeply.
During my years of working in the fast-paced world of TV news, stress had an even bigger impact on my life. Constant deadlines, the need to “win” the story, to get the best live shot location, to get the first interview, and to beat the competition, was ever-present. Ensuring the story was told accurately, that the voices on all sides were being heard, that our TV equipment worked properly, and that the journalists reporting the story remained safe, were all in a day’s work. But the pressures took a slow and steady toll, which, coupled with me having two small sons, both still in diapers, eventually led to unmanageable stress levels. So learning to cope with stress quickly became a reality for me. Me — who I thought was invincible; Me — who I thought was cool as a cucumber; Me — who juggled 3 things at once, because doing one thing at a time just wasn’t fast-paced enough; THAT ME had to learn to SLOW THINGS DOWN! And once I slowed down, once I allowed myself some breathing room, once I redefined my understanding of “doing a good job” — that was when I realized that incorporating just a few things into my life could mean the difference between burning out and chilling out.

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